Best Web-Based To Do List Ever!

I have ADHD. It makes juggling tasks and getting things done all kinds of hard, even with my new med (Vyvanse) that works wonderfully. I have tried everything out there to keep on task and productive: Planners of all sizes, shapes, and layouts (including the coveted Franklin Covey system), watches that were supposed to vibrate when I set them, but ended up doing it every minute but then, and more reminders, tags, and memory joggers than people would believe existed. Yet I continue to drown in an overload of my own making.

Today, I came upon a blog called “Solution Watch”. It’s no longer being updated, but the premise is just that: the author is on the lookout for new programs that promise to increase productivity and make life easier. Then he reviews and writes blog pieces about them. In one article, I discovered a program I’ve already fallen in love with: Remember The Milk. It’s just the best task list ever. Since I have to log in and push vacuuming the rug forward by a day, I’ll tell you a bit more about it.

First off, it’s very user friendly. So much so, in fact, that I was almost afraid of messing it up at first. After logging in and reaching the mini board, you simply type in a task and hit enter. Then, click the checkmark to select it, and go over to the box on the right side to fill in the details. This is where you put in the date and time the task needs to be done by and whether or not it repeats. There’s also the option of setting up tags and geolocations for it! This way, if you have access to a phone with a live map function, you can set up the best route for getting things done. Reminders are availabe by email and text message, and of course printing and synching Remember the Milk with iCalender are also options.

My plan is to put together tomorrow’s list each night, print it out, and put it somewhere easy to see so I can grab it in the morning. Today’s my first day, so we’ll see if I can stick with it. Where all other things have failed, something about Remember the Milk’s setup and ease of us has me confident that I found the right tool for me.