Information: It’s What I Do

My name is Lincoln, and I like to write. What I really love is information. All kinds of it. News, study tips and hints, ideas, new products, people describing their problems…information is my high. Learning about the world around me, and letting some of that stay stuck in my brain till someone else needs it seems to be a big part of why I’m on this planet to begin with.

Right now I do this on my Facebook page, and it’s nice to share with close friends and family. But I need more. A larger venue. A wider stage to range across while I share what comes up each day while wandering the web. Somewhere to practice writing more about these finds than the 200 some odd characters my wall status grants me. A way to catalogue what interests me and practice SEO optimized articles.

So, from here on out, you’ll get between 300-500 words a day about whatever I’ve found, seen, or been contemplating. Judging by my friend’s reactions, I come across some pretty cool stuff.