I’m In A Documentary Showing This Week!

My friend MK Scott has his own show, OUTview Online. http://www.outviewonline.com/search/label/Our%20View   It’s a radio/video show geared to news that relevent to the LGBT community. Michael calls on me to take part in topical episodes, but I’m also one of his ringers who steps in when he’s short a guest.

One of the episodes I took part in recently was a three part series on bullying. It was created in the wake of the rash of suicides related to students being bullied or harrassed. I was intervied with Dr. Jallen Rix, and the two of us talked about the role that organized religion can play in encouraging or countering the attitudes that allow bullying to take place.

Now that episode is being remixed into a documentary as a benefit for GLSEN’S Safe Space Campaign and The Trevor Project. For those who don’t know, Trevor Project runs the only national hotline dedicated to serving LGBTQ youth who are struggling with suicide and other crisis issues. It was named after the lead character in a play about a gay 13 year old who commits suicide. The hotline is open 24/7, and their number is 866-488-7386. http://www.thetrevorproject.org/

GLSEN’S Safe Space Campaign is dedicated to teaching people in schools to be allies to LGBTQ youth, and revolves around their Safe Space Training kit. The kit includes a training guide and the posters and stickers that designate the space. A Safe Space kit can be sent to a school for $20. http://safespace.glsen.org/

I am proud to have been a part of this episode. As a trans man and activist, I feel like the issues that trans people face get ignored under the larger umbrella of taking care of LGB issues. I know that Micheal asks me to be part of the show because he too is committed to making trans voices heard on things that aren’t always seen as “trans issues”. If you’re in Seattle and want to stop by the Northwest Film Forum this Thursday, Feb 17th at 7pm, you can see the whole amazing thing from start to finish!

For another writeup, check out this article on TheSeattleLesbian: