More Fun With the Monkey on My Back!

That’s the web address of another fun new site I ran into recently. Ever need to remind someone (like me) of the same things over and over again? Sign up at the Monkey! You can email them a monkey that tells them over and over about the thing until they mark it as done…or until the monkey dies. Really.

I tested it by sending one to the Almost Wife, reminding her to give me kisses. I sent it twice. Each time the poor thing died of old age. 😦  (That’s what the site calls it when the emails go unopened). It’s not that she doesn’t want to kiss me. Apparently I sent the emails on two days at work when she just couldn’t spare the time to check.

So go on, sign up and send some monkeys flying out to people you know. But don’t despair if some of them die of old age. It happens to all of us.