I Sold My Old Cellphone Today..Maybe

Last week I got a new Android phone. I didn’t want to because I knew it would be more expensive, both upfront and adding money to our monthly cell bill. But, the Almost Wife told me that even if the work I got hadn’t required one, all the phones are going that way anyway. So I might as well get on board. I really do like my new phone a lot. I got the LG Optimus in Titanium color. Some of the first apps I downloaded were…

One Bus Away: An app created by some UW students, OBA tells you where Metro buses are REALLY at. No more wondering how long it will be till they randomly appear.

Pulse: A news reader that delivers mainstream news, blog feeds, and anything I search for in a modular, tappable, easy to read format. News in bite-size bits. I love it.

PicSay: I haven’t played with it much yet, but it lets you edit pictures. You can add thought bubbles, magic effects, and stickers to any pic on your phone. Yep, it’s fun.

Uninstaller: Not a sexy app, but SO necessary. Especially if you’re a download freak like I am. I already tried 6 or 7 different apps and didn’t like them. A quick couple of clicks through uninstaller, and they’re gone.

Advanced Task Manager: I would never have figured this one out on my own. I found out from a tech blog that this app is a major battery saver. If you don’t want apps running, let task manager know and it kills them. This also frees up memory. You know, so you can download more stuff!

But this post is really about how I’m in the process of selling my old cellphone. Ah, I am rather fond of my Samsung Gravity 2. Once the Almost Wife finds out, she’ll say I should have kept it for a backup, like she does with hers. And maybe she’s right. But a larger part of me wanted to see if these services are all they put themselves out there to be. So, here’s what’s happened so far:

This morning I googled “sell my cellphone”. A LOT of sites came up. After sifting awhile, I figured out what to look for as you weed through them. First off, you’re going to get wildy different quotes. Don’t let that shock you. On sites that didn’t even want to know what condition my phone was in, I got offers ranging from $5 to $30. That’s the next thing I want to bring up. Never sell to a site if they don’t ask questions about your phone’s wear and tear. What I’ve read in reviews/complaints is that some places will quote high to get you to send it to them. Then, once they inspect the phone, they’ll email and tell you about how much they have to lower the offer because of the “bad condition” your phone is in. You could be excited about a $40 offer, only to find them lowballing you for $10, with some vague reason.

I ended up at Gazelle.com  http://www.gazelle.com/ . After asking me several questions regarding everything from water damage (none) to what equipment I still had for the Gravity 2, an offer of $20 was made. I looked online for any promotional codes, and found a lot of them, including one for an extra 10%! That added another dollar to my offer, for a total of $21. Gazelle emailed me a packing slip, shipping page (they pay shipping), and instruction sheet. Once I left the house, I swung by the FedEx store, paid $6 for an electronics box, and sent it off. Today marks the first day of this adventure.

The instruction sheet says they may also have to adjust the price after inspecting my phone in person. Somehow, I don’t think it will be a huge adjustment, since they already have a really good idea of the cell phone’s condition to begin with. If they need to do that, I’ll get an email asking for permission. Once everything’s confirmed, a check will be mailed out to me. The sheet says to give them 10 business days after everything’s firm for the check to arrive.

FedEx should get it there in the next 3-5 days. If it takes them about 15 days to process things…let’s estimate I’ll hear back from them by March 13th. I know that’s a bit earlier than the math suggests, but we’ll shoot for that.

So there we have it! My old Samsung Gravity 2 is on it’s way to Gazelle.com to see if I can get the full price they quoted me for it. You will be updated as soon as I am.

2 thoughts on “I Sold My Old Cellphone Today..Maybe

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    • Thank you for the compliment Rachel. I’ve done a small bit of paid writing, but I would definately like to do more. My goal is to build up a solid freelance writing career.

      Hopefully you’ll come back by and visit regularly!

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