Seattle Eatery Refuses to Serve TSA Agents

This news comes to me via The Consumerist website. ( ) 

“Their kind aren’t welcomed in our establishment…Until TSA agents start treating us with the respect and dignity that we deserve, then things will change for them in the private sector.”

This is the word from a local restaurant near the Sea-Tac airport. In response to the invasive groping and strip searching that have become “standard procedure” for TSA’s security screening process, this owner has decided to stop serving TSA agents. There’s no word on how they recognize one unless they’re in uniform, but so far the practice has widespread support. And it’s perfectly legal.

TSA agents are not a protected class under nondiscrimination laws. Reviews around the blogosphere have been mixed. A lot of people seem to support it, others find it immature and juvenile. I think it’s a viable way to protest the policies. Turning up the heat on TSA employees may be the only way to reach the agency itself. TSA and Homeland “Security” *snicker* certainly don’t respond to the will and concerns of ordinary citizens. Maybe their own people complaining will make a dent. However much I might enjoy the concept, I’m not willing to take it as far as this poster on Flyer Talk’s forum:

“No, this is a start. remove these goons and their families from the human race. Don’t feed them, don’t rent to them, don’t medically treat them – leave their children to die on the ER floor. Shun them totally. Ignore them. Put up a sign on your property that “No employee of the TSA is allowed here.” And add, if your state has a true “castle law,” “The use of deadly force is authorized against trespassers.” And then wait for one of the loud mouthed pervert bullies to say, “You can’t do this.”………….” User 4nsicdoc,

This was in response to someone who called the cafe’s actions stupid and immature. I’m going to trust that it’s mostly hot air and hyperbole. So, there we have it. Here in Seattle, direct action against TSA agents has begun. Your thoughts?

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