Update: Monkey On Your Back

Some of you will remember me posting about a service called Monkey On Your Back. It lets you send out virtual monkeys that remind people to tend to necessary tasks. The monkeys also “die” of the person fails to open the email. Just like the Almost Wife never opened hers.

I’ve decided at this point not to continue playing with the Monkeys. It’s a wonderful service, but right now I just don’t have that many people I need to remind to do anything. Monkey would be better used by someone who is working in a group on a project, or someone with a large family that checks email more frequently than mine does. I could use this kind of reminder, but sending it to myself would be redundant.

I do have a project that will be taking off in the next couple of months. At that time, I will probably start releasing flying monkeys back into the world. 🙂