I Got Money for My CellPhone!

The check came in the mail today. To back up, I got an email from Gazelle.com on Wednesday the 2nd of March. Here’s what they said:

Here is an update about what has happened with the box you sent us.

What We’ve Checked Out

We’ve tested your Samsung SGH-T469 Gravity 2 and everything checked out.


We should send you the payment for $21.00 in 3 to 5 days.

Thanks! The Gazelle Team

Now, if you remember from my last post about this, https://yourinfolinc.wordpress.com/2011/03/01/selling-cell-update/

They got the box on the 28th of February. I got the “all, clear, your check will be in the mail” email on the 3rd.

And best of all, the check showed up today, March 7th! $21 from Gazelle.com!

It was fast, easy, and there was no difference between the quote and the check I got. Now I feel good about telling my friends (and y’all here) about the service.