OMG, Angry Birds…

They haunt my dreams…I hear them, even when they’re not here. I spend hours sometimes trying to get them to fly right. It feels so urgent that I’m draining my cellphone battery, forgetting to post, and wondering what other people do with their time! Am I volunteering at a bird rescue, helping heal wounded animals? Oh, I wish my time were being swallowed alive by something that valuable.

Instead….I sit at my phone, throwing angry computer birds at ugly little pigs who stole their eggs!

Angry Birds, for the few people on the planet who might not be playing it, is a computer game developed by the Finnish based gaming company Rovio. I bless and curse them in the same breath. I used to be hooked on Bejewled 2, now I can’t remember why I played the game. The Almost Wife plays it too. She downloaded it at my urging, and now we make an odd sight in our living room. Picture a couple sitting side by side, or even across the room, each with phone in hand. The only sounds in the room are crashing and chirping! I know I’m lucky though…most girlfriends would be annoyed instead of joining in! 🙂

This is probably the best game I’ve ever played, but I hesitate to recommend it. It’s like fireworks, Halloween smoke, and a really good makeout session all rolled into one! It’ll be tons of fun and ingest your day in one gulp at the same time.

For those among you who wish to take the leap, here’s their website. It’ll tell you where to find it. But don’t say I didn’t warn you…..