Westboro Down For 13 Days!

As of Sunday, March 6th, Westboro’s site was still down! Here’s an exact copy of the tweet keeping us up to date from th3j35t3r’s (Jester’s) Twitter account:

….and on the 8th day god created hackers, and it was good.’ #Westboro Baptist – TANGO DOWN DAY 13 – your god doesn’t like you much? #WBC

Agaim, all I can keep saying is thank you j35t3r from SeaLinc2. For reasons I’ve already posted about in this blog, their hateful actions have dogged my every step for years. I never thought I would find relief from them. Even though they won their Supreme Court case, they still don’t have an internet presence for their hateful rhetoric.

If anyone wants to read something entertaining/enlightening, someone bought the domain fredphelps.com. It’s called “God Hates Fred Phelps”, and it talks all about his history and the church. It’s run by a gay activist who gives any donations to organizations that fight against their “church”.