Awesome App: Toggl

Ok, I have to admit something. Remember me telling you all how awesome Out of Milk Remember The Milk was? Well, it is pretty cool. But I used it for all of a week before I quit it. Which lead me to a resolution: I have to play with an app for at least two weeks and decide I’m going to keep it before I can bring it up here at the blog.

Enter Toggl.

I found Toggl at a freelance website that recommended online tools for tracking billable project time. I signed up for some free ones, and promptly ran through the first three, declaring them unsuitable. I was feeling a little “over it” by the time I hit Toggl’s start page. Then I saw just how easy they’ve made it. You type in what you’re doing and hit the red button to start the timer. You don’t even need to stay logged in to the website. Or if you put the app on your phone, feel free to surf, make calls, and do whatever you need. Toggl just keeps on going.

I know this because I’ve had to log in and delete a couple of things. I know I can waste time, but there’s no way even I spend 188 hours grocery shopping. πŸ™‚

Now, you may say, “I’m not doing work I need to bill people for? Why should I use Toggl?”.
Because it’s task tracker. When I started using it, I was AMAZED at how much time I lose each day. Look:

It takes me almost three hours to grocery shop, even if I only go to one or two places!

Doing one entry for this blog has taken up to an hour and a half.

Last week, I spent three hours and three minutes doing laundry.

Toggl has been a great help for my ADD time awareness. Now that I know blogging can take almost two hours per entry, I am getting better at planning when to do it. I’m a lot more likely to do it while Mrs Linc is at work so I can be more present with her when she gets home. I also stopped doing it late at night, which has helped me get to bed a bit earlier. I’ve been splitting up my grocery shopping into smaller runs more often so I don’t wear myself out, since I take the bus everywhere.

Another cool thing is that you can create projects. On my page, grocery shopping and laundry fall under the project of “Running House”. Obviously, I do more than that, so we can see I’m not consistent about applying Toggl to everything yet. But it will happen. And because Toggle has an app for that, I’m not stuck only building awareness for things I do at home. Slowly but surely, I’m running out of excuses for not managing my life better. πŸ™‚

I highly recommend Toggl, whether you have a business or, like me, you just need to become more aware of your time. In fact, it’s been so helpful that I upgraded to the $5/month pro account this morning. It gives me extra options, including different reports and ways to manage tasks. Right now, according to my pie chart, I spend more time running the house than anything else. I’m not quite sure that’s right, but Toggl won’t know that until I’m more consistent about entering my comings and goings.

If you want to learn more, or give their free account a try, here’s their website: Toggl

By the way, I’m just about to stop the timer, since I’m done with this post. It’s taken me 46 minutes and 35 seconds to write this. Happy Toggling!