Need Stock Advice: Sirius Radio..Buy or Not?

Since the blog started, I’ve been recommending different apps and services folks can take advantage of to make their lives easier. Today, I’m asking my readers for some advice.

I got a little bit of money I wasn’t expecting. It’s not much, just around $200. I’ve been thinking about things to do with it. Buying a few stocks is one idea that’s come to mind. One stock I’ve been watching for over a year now is Sirius Radio. I know, they’re way over their heads in debt, have a high rate of subscriber turnover, and costs from repairing all of their satellites. Some people are also wondering if they’re spreading themselves a little thin with hiring the name brand talent they’re hiring.

There are some positives they have going on. These include an improved credit rating, increase in subscriber rating over this time last year, and refinanced debt. But this is not the reason I keep looking at Sirius.

Walmart is what fascinates me about Sirius. Despite all of the company’s troubles, Walmart has a partnership to carry their products.
Check this out. Now, I may not be fond of Walmart and some of their business practices. But, truth is, they didn’t become the largest retailer in the world by making stupid decisions. If they want Sirius on their shelves in spite of the company’s problems, there’s a reason for it.

I just don’t know what it is.

Alright dear readers, now it’s your turn. What’s your opinion about Sirius Radio? Do you or have you owned it? Are there other stocks you like? Let me know.