T-Mobile Ads Making Fun of AT&T

Peter Kafka over at All things Digital had an awesome and fun post about the merger. It looks at T-Mobile’s ad campaign that made fun of AT&T’s services and plans. The article is called “T-Mobile: We Were Totally Kidding About AT&T’s Crappy Network!” Read it here.

One of the commentors said people should make copies of those ads before AT&T moves to tear them down. I’ll get to that in a couple of days. But, in an attempt to feel better about this situation than I do, here’s a couple of the videos for all to see. And for those of you with slower connections, I do apologize. I know my content has been really download intensive lately. I promise to lighten up on that in the next few posts for balance.

And this one seems especially relevant…

Tagline: “Hey, no choice is still a choice!”

Yeah…so I hear…