Unhappy about AT&T buying T-Mobile? Let the FTC know!

Told you I would find some way for folks to make their feelings known to the FTC. I skimmed their report called “Competition Counts: How Consumers Win When Businesses Compete”. You can find it here: http://www.ftc.gov/bc/edu/pubs/consumer/general/zgen01.pdf

In the report, they talk about making sure that consumers have access to options that are priced fairly and force businesses to compete. This report says they pay special attention to areas where “…consumer interest and consumer spending are high, in matters affecting energy…food..computer technology, and broadband internet access”. With the average phone costing $70 dollars, and most people’s bills running $60/month, I’d say consumer spending is high. Source: http://bit.ly/h1WbQ1 (I split the average phone cost between this sources smartphone and regular phone cost to take into account special promotions.)

As far as proving a growing consumer interest, even an article as old as 2008 showed an explosion in data use by mobile phone users. This article also makes the point that mobile data use has made in the internet more accessible to social groups that have had limited computer access. For this reason alone, it’s important to keep data plans competitive and affordable. Source: http://www.readwriteweb.com/archives/mobile_web_use_growing_faster_than_ever.php

What does this have to do with complaining to the FTC about a company merger that’s still 12 months away from being finished? Well, at the end of the report, they put out a call to action for consumers to provide them with anti-trust information, and give several pathways for doing so. Here’s the information:

How you can help

 If you have an antitrust problem or complaint, or if you wish to provide information that may be helpful in an investigation, contact the Federal Trade Commission.  



If you wish to submit confidential information, send it by mail and mark it “Confidential.”


Federal Trade Commission Bureau of Competition-H374,
 Washington, D.C. 20580


Now I’m saying the same thing: If you don’t like the idea of this merger going through for whatever reason, give the FTC that information. In a time of more access, we can get heard at some point in this process. A lot of us are frustrated by this situation, but we don’t have to STAY that way.

 Sound off. I know I will be.


2 thoughts on “Unhappy about AT&T buying T-Mobile? Let the FTC know!

  1. Hi Terra, thanks for stopping by! I hate this idea too. I was also a Cingular customer. I dropped the service after AT&T got together with them. The final straw was them dropping most of the incoming calls from my family on my birthday, then telling me to take it up with the makers of the phone.

    I’ve been happy with T-Mo for years, and refuse to get swallowed up by the Deathstar. Mrs. Linc and I will be switching, most likely to Sprint. Who I happen to see putting up more and more internet ads on articles related to the merger. 🙂

    Again, glad to see you come by. Come back often.

  2. I HATE AT&T! I had cingular when AT&T bought them and they screwed me over! AT&T

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