Good Morning! AT&T/T-Mobile recap

Alright, it’s Tuesday now. This is the beginning of the 12 month period where the government starts investigating the proposed oligarchy merger. T-Mobile customers are anxious, and AT&T customers sock puppets have been moving among the comments section, telling us it’s not going to be that bad. Or encouraging us to stop whining and leave.

So, where do we stand this morning?

1)  We know the deal has happened. There’s not much we can do to stop that now.

2)  Which is a bit confusing to some of us, since a good portion of T-Mobile’s advertising campaign has centered around the idea that they’re NOT AT&T.

A lot of us are truly unhappy. After some shock and commiserating on and offline, options for channeling that anger constructively have begun to appear:

1)  Joining the “Save T-Mobile” Facebook Page:

2)  Signing a petition at Care2 that asks the head of the FCC to block this merger:

3)  Complaining directly to the Federal Trade Commission, another government entity that has to approve this situation:

We have twelve months to make it clear to the government that allowing this would result in the following bad outcomes:

Less choices for consumers

Higher rates and worse customer service

One company controlling consumer use of data when unlimited data access is becoming a cultural norm. (AT&T does not provide unlimited data plans).

That’s what’s up on this Tuesday morning. I’m ready to go, are you? Let’s do this!

 T-Mobile’s offical FB page has over 2,000 comments about this situation, and very few of them are positive.