We All Saw This Coming

CITA 2011 is going on, and a new writeup just came out about a talk made by AT&T’s head of wireless, Ralph de la Vega. He said that T-Mobile would get to keep it’s current pricing structure. Now some folks are wondering if this means unlimited data might be offered to woo T-Mo’s into migrating over to the Death Star. But what does it mean to say that “T-Mobile” can keep prices when you compare it to this bit of info?

“Speculators are suggesting that AT&T will continue to keep T-Mobile on as a separate brand, sort of like how Sprint runs Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile as prepaid brands. This will not happen. AT&T has confirmed on their informational website about the acquisition that T-Mobile customers will be migrated to AT&T and everything will be run under their AT&T banner.” http://www.mobilizeeverything.com/documents/Factsheet.pdf (bottom of page two)

So much for all this: “T-Mobile USA continues to operate as an independent company.” Yeah, you know what? You’re releasing co-branded merger memos before the deal is approved, & right now it seems like AT&T higher ups are taking the lead on all face to face talking with press. I’m not feeling your independance at all.

*side note*

I thought this would take a BIT longer to happen, but it started last night. I was reading an article about this disaster, when what should appear? A video from another wireless phone provider talking happily about all their unlimited options! Well played. 🙂

 I hope to see more of those as the months go on. Especially since Mrs. Linc made it clear that even if the deal is blocked, we’re still changing providers. Apparently this has ruined her trust in T-Mobile for some strange reason.