Who is Lightsquared?

Unlimited data access. AT&T spanks their customers for using it. http://yhoo.it/c8tSp1 And for complaing about it. http://bit.ly/cm5MX3  Consumers are beginning to see unlimited data as a right. Information is a new currency, and mobile access is reversing some portions of the digital divide.   It’s not just about wasting time watching movies or playing Angry Birds. https://yourinfolinc.wordpress.com/2011/03/08/omg-angry-birds/ . Our phones provide a link to breaking news, often before mainstream media responds. Twitter became a lifeline when Japan flooded. Text messaging is now a common way to donate money for causes.

We take care of our own needs, but also do a lot of good with our data. And, regardless of what cell companies think, that’s how we see it. This is OUR data. We hunt it down, mash it up, post it, and pass it on. Sharing data is a bonding experience that helps create culture. CEOs call us “bandwidth hogs” http://bit.ly/5ljpM6 in need of re-education http://bit.ly/78DSmM. They claim it’s just too expensive to keep up with the “heavy users” among us.

One company wants to change that. They understand that the demand for data is natural, and it’s the job of the provider to keep up. They also know how far behind the U.S is in comparison to the rest of the world.

That company? Lightsquared.

Learn more at their website: http://www.lightsquared.com/

Here’s an introduction from their CEO, Sanjiv Ahuja