AT&T Merger News Roundup

People in the business world are looking at the merger from varying angles. I’m finding a lot of the articles interesting. Rather than re-spin them myself, I’ll give you the links. You get to read good writing from a variety of sources without having to dig through the web for hours! Win/win here at the Linc!

**Particularly Awesome** Visuals showing how the merger would consolidate cell service in America:

Some state attorneys are weighing in:

The merger might delay (badly needed) spectrum reforms:

What kind of effect this could have on smartphones in the marketplace:

A look at what American cell users pay compared to the rest of the world:

Sprint has now come out against the deal:

And AT&T tells Sprint to mind their own business:

AFL-CIO president sees merger as good for workers: (I guess for the ones who get to keep their jobs)

Video explaining one of the scales that will be applied to exploring the merger:

And The Consumerist shows us why mergers that allow companies to dominate a market concern people greatly: