Consumerist is Awesome! is one of my favorite websites. They post customer experiences good and bad, readers give advice, and there’s often followup. Sometimes the stories are awe-inspiringly horrible to read. Consumerist does one thing every year that’s excellent: at the same time March Madness is going on for basketball, they do a similar thing.

Welcome to the 2011 Worst Company in America Tournament! 32 companies face off in matchups, elimination style as readers vote on who is the worst. According to their website, telecommunications and banking are the two most represented fields at six slots each. Several companies have already battled it out. Here’s the current match ups:

Bank of America v. Direct TV, Delta v Walmart, Ticketmaster v Sony, and Capital One v Chase

Get on board and take part in this years tournament. For me, this is a lot more fun than the basketball playoffs.

Here’s your playoff card: