Create a Newspaper:

Sometimes the amount of tweets in my universe just gets out of control. I’m only following 118 people, and it’s still hard to keep up! Now there’s a cool way to get your daily Twitter fix and build your online presence: create a newspaper at Here’s how it works.

You sign in with your Twitter account, then go the create paper page. There are three default options. They will make a paper based on your account. This brings together tweets from you and the people you follow. They only grab the ones with links, so you won’t get people’s personal tweets about their home lives, jobs, etc. Papers can also be made for a specific topic or list. There is an option for an advanced paper, which requires a lot more research and hashtagging than I wanted to do.

Initially, the paper is released as “The (your twitter account name) Daily”. Don’t worry, you can go in and rename it. I did. The idea of a paper named after me just seemed odd. Actually, Mrs. Linc was the one who came up with the winning title, and now The Daily Transformation is part of my feed. A new one comes out every 24 hours, but you have control over that as well. Weekly and twice daily editions are available.

There’s one thing I don’t like. You can’t see who your subscribers are. It seems like a missed outreach opportunity, especially if you create a paper for your business.

Otherwise, is a fun Twitter tool that’s easy to navigate and share. I recommend giving it a try.