App Review: Cozi Family Calendar

Download and discard, download and discard, download and discard. My search for an Android calendar app that could handle all the facets of my life, and remind me of everything that needed doing was leading nowhere. I also decided it should help my girlfriend keep track of me without being intrusive.

Enter the Cozi family planner.

Cozi has a calendar, to do list, and shopping list to start with. But these aren’t basic functions at all. They can be person specific AND shared. For example, I have a really LONG to-do list. Mrs. Linc doesn’t have one yet. If we needed to, we could also create a shared one. The same thing goes with the calendar. With a quick click, the Lincs can know where each other is at any time during the day. Since I go a lot of places in seemingly random bursts, Mrs Linc really appreciates the ability to share this calendar.

We can view our Cozi planner online at their website but it also works on our phones. Ok, let me take that back. It works on MY phone. Mrs Linc has a Garmin, and for some reason the app just doesn’t function well for her. In my mind, that gives us an excuse to upgrade her. But we’ll be jumping overboard from T-Mobile soon, so that will work itself out.

Honestly, my favorite feature is the family journal. Mrs Linc has chronic pain issues, and can’t really go places with me. So when I’m out, I take pictures of things where I’m at and post them up. That way she can see what I do. Somehow it makes me feel closer to her.

I’m running out of steam, but I really recommend the Cozi Family Planner. It’s colorful, easy to use, and allows multiple people access.