The Source: An Amazing Scholarly Work

I used to be a seminary student. I wanted to be an ordained minister, so I spent a year and a half studying at a local school here in Seattle. Over the years, I’ve collected a lot of Bibles. This is a new one I’ve picked up online. The Source New Testament was released online without the study notes, as a teaser to get people to buy the real live book version. (Available here on Amazon:  )

The author, Dr. Ann Nylund, is not a theologian or an ordained minister. She is a Greek scholar who took a look at the Bible from a linguistic POV. Which I think is kind of cool, since that should mean she’s not beholden to any particular denomination or political outlook to sell her work.

I found the download at only one place online, so I wanted to embed it here on my blog. I’m hoping some other people will pick it up and do the same so that it will be more widely available. Dr. Nylund suffered some backlash after she wrote and released a study bible for the LGBT community. Stores refused to stock it, and conservative groups pulled all of her work from their website. See  http://bit.l/p8ZmA7

The LGBT study bible is also available on, as is most of Dr. Nylund’s work.


Since her career took such a hit after publishing the LGBT Study Bible, and I find The Source to be such a helpful, well, reSource, I want to make sure as many people as possible have access to it. It’s kind of my way of saying thank you. So, without anymore yakking on my part, here it is, the Source New Testament PDF version without the study notes:


h/t to Hollywood Jesus for keeping the link alive!