She Is Every Poor American

This. I wept openly when I read it. This is what America is coming to when we turn our backs on those who need more help than a grudgingly given check.

A woman who is unemployed, on welfare, homeless and has already been turned away from shelter, tried to sell her three day old baby at a local Taco Bell.

She has nowhere left to go, and now she’s in jail.

While our politicians have been posturing about living within our means, this woman has been trying to live on money they could never comprehend.

When they talk about the housing crisis, they don’t see the thousands who have nowhere to go. In cities across this once great nation of ours, people are turned away from shelters every night. Shelters are fast becoming part of the problem, not a solution.

John Boehner wants to make sure his daughters have Social Security when they retire. This woman didn’t even see how she could keep her son. And he’s only been on the planet for THREE DAYS.

This is America hitting bottom. We should all be deeply ashamed. I know I am.