I Found the Romance Novel Graveyard!!

If you’re anything like me, and like to hunt through used book stores when you’re bored, then I’m sure you’ve seen the piles and piles of romance novels. They multiply like Gremlins, and lean over everything.

I’ve often wondered where they go once the store owners get tired of how much space they’re losing to these books no one seems to want anymore. And lo, I stumbled upon the answer tonight: Ebay.

Yes, Ebay, being the cultural goldmine that it is, is the final resting place for those lonely little books. If you search their book section under “lots”, you’ll find them pictured in large groups. Like older pets at a shelter, they sit waiting and hoping for a good home. See for yourself: http://bit.ly/pi8wZQ .

That’s all. Nothing earth shattering or deep tonight. Just the answer to a question I’ve mulled over from time to time.