Free Book Download: Ready Player One

I’m always on the lookout for a new book to read. This one seems really interesting. Boing Boing was the site that put me on to it. It’s a science fiction book called Ready Player One. In this article  a member of their team gives the book a great review. Here’s a quick description of the book:

“Cline’s first novel starts out in the year 2044. The Great Recession (the same one we are in right now) is in its third decade. Unemployment is higher than ever (there’s a two-year wait for a job at fast food chain restaurants), liquid fuel is extremely scarce, the climate is in awful shape, and famine, disease, and poverty are rampant across the planet.

The story is told by Wade Watts, an 18-year-old orphan who lives with 16 other people in trailer near the top of a tall stack of trailers in a crowded, crime-ridden trailer park on the outskirts of Oklahoma City (the suburbs are deserted, because hardly anyone can afford to buy fuel to travel by car). He doesn’t remember his father, who was shot by cops who caught him looting a grocery store for food after a power outage. And his mother overdosed on adulterated drugs when he was a kid. Wade now lives with his hateful young aunt and her creepy, fresh-out-of-prison boyfriend. They allow Wade to live in the trailer only because he’s worth a weekly ration of food vouchers.”

So I followed the link at the end of the article to download the preview of the first three chapters. It’s pretty awesome! Just thought I’d pass it along.

Here’s the download link: