Next Credit Unions: Watermark and BECU

Keeping up the search, my next stops will be Watermark CU and BECU.

Here’s the thing: I looked at the websites for both, and they say the same thing that Salal said about the requirements for being a member of their credit union:

Salal CU:

Salal Credit Union membership is open to anyone who lives or works in Washington State. Check and see if your employer offers Salal membership or if someone in your family is already a member—that makes you eligible for membership too.”  Nowhere on this page does it say anything about needing a minimum credit score.


You can apply for BECU membership by fulfilling just one of these requirements:

  • You live in Washington state
  • You work in Washington state
  • You attend school in a Washington state school district
  • You belong to a church in Washington state
  • You, or a family member, are a current or past Boeing employee, an employee at a Boeing subsidiary or at the Museum of Flight.
  • You may also apply for business membership if you have an active Washington State Business License.


“It’s easy to join. If you live, work, worship, or go to school in any county in Washington State, you are eligible to join Watermark Credit Union.”

Neither BECU or Watermark put a number requirement on membership.  But I guess we’ll find out when I go, won’t we?

Shouldn’t a financial institution be required to put the minimum credit score right there on the site with every other membership requirement?