People Are P&*%ing Me Off.

He said oh so calmly…

It’s about the We Are the 99% Tumblr blog. Take a look if you haven’t already. These are the heartbreaking, and sometimes familiar, stories of people who are the spirit of the #occupywallstreet movement. Mainstream news sources have suddenly discovered the blog, so it’s getting a lot more air time. And it’s the reactions in the comments sections that make me wanna punch people in their faces. Until their faces fall off, really.

Are we that low on empathy and the ability to share in someone else’s predicaments in this country? What’s become the issue? If it’s not on reality TV, it’s not “really” happening? We can be a bunch of snide, self-absorbed, catty a$$hats about the lives of other Americans because they just need to suck it up and do better?

Well, if you got yours, hey, that’s awesome. But don’t let that:

A) Let you think you have a free card allowing you to assume every person who struggles is just a lazy whiner who needs to be reminded that you’re fabulous.

B) Make you get selective amnesia or romantic fogginess about your own hard years.

These commentators, it’s like they think people don’t deserve any human courtesy. Let me give you a quick sample:

QQ! Take care of your own god damn self! The government if not responsible for your welfare!

I don’t have thousands of dollars of debt because I don’t spend money I don’t have. People need to stop complaining, take responsibility for their own actions and adapt to the economy.

why do you need a college degree? so you can put off being an adult for four years? waste of time, I never got one and run my own business now

people should stop their bitchen how do people on wall street have anything to do with them.. you just arnt good enough at anything to get a good job

Guess what? The BA that you choose to pursue might have a lot of bearing on the availability of the type of job you want.

reading the whiny comments (and lol at the sensitive mods here) it’s no wonder these people are clueless and angry…when you spend your life in a masturbatory fantasy world, reality tends to look ugly by contrast

even the poorest american is so far better off than the majority of the globes inhabitants, just what are you whining about?

lmao i hope all of these idiots starve to death

And so it goes. On and on and on….

There is some truth to the ideas that certain fields have more opportunities than others, and that it is good to live within your means, but to read people just spouting off really bothers me. Why, it’s as if the 99% would have neverĀ  THOUGHT about these things. Save money?? Really?? Wow, thanks for the tip, mate.

Yes, some of the financial problems may fall into the category of “First World Problems”, but I think it’s a matter of degree, mostly. I suppose some heartless dick could say that the woman who moved to Mexico because she needed cancer treatment and couldn’t afford it here has a first world problem because hey, she could afford to move somewhere. Lots of folks in the 2/3rds world (You know, everyone else out there) are just stuck where they live because they live on $2/day. And they have no hope of going somewhere where there is healthcare they can afford.

But you know what? The most basic thing of it is, the people on this tumblr blog are Americans. There was a long stretch of our history where Americans were proud of the fact that we helped each other out. Now it’s much more fashionable to blame people for what happens while you frantically shoo them away from your own stuff.

Bunches of us are almost pathologically proud of how “these colors don’t run” from bloodying ourselves up in war. Why can’t we be just as proud to stand firm and serve when our own country is in a crisis and people need help rebuilding their lives? Granted, figuring out what’s wrong financially on a deep level is not as sexy as throwing a big parade while you send hundreds of thousands of soldiers off to invade other people’s countries. And it’s a shit ton harder work than climbing to the top of a pile of rubble and telling people to keep shopping or the terrorists win.

But it has to be done, or we’ll have an entire generation of people simply give up and refuse to take part. And it starts with warming your cold, lifeless hearts and admitting that the people sharing their deepest personal fears and secrets on the 99% tumblr could be you.

Stop being a$$holes.