Meanwhile, Over At Starbucks

….there’s more and more weirdness going on. Check it out:

A biker feud erupted at a California Starbucks. Apparently it’s the worst feud they’ve seen in a decade. For real?? A turf war over a Starbucks??

Now a doctor’s been caught allegedly using the coffee shops around Orange County, Cali as a drop spot for passing out prescriptions. He may even end up being charged in a woman’s overdose.

A Starbucks employee is in the hospital after a guy threw a cup of hot water in her face after she gave it to him for free.

Starbucks is getting geared up to put together a program asking Americans to band together and help fund programs that will help create jobs for other Americans. It seems like a good idea…you know, let the politicians piss around, we’ll do it ourselves. Which I find a little odd, since Starbucks has their own in house employment issues. They’re settling an EEOC suit with an employee with dwarfism because they wouldn’t get her a stool to stand on at the cash register. How hard is that? And in San Jose, they’re facing a class action lawsuit for violating California overtime and wage laws.

Not to say the company’s not doing some good in the world as well…but sometimes a whole tornado of weirdness strikes somewhere, and you just have to stop, look, and appreciate it.