Apple Picking Inmates

In another well done story by Times reporter Lornet Turnbull, I’ve learned that one of the responses to the labor shortage in fruit fields is to send out our inmates. At first it was seen as too expensive, but now one farmer has coughed up the money for it.

The grower will pay $22/hour per offender. No, the offender will not  be making that amount. Not after everything is deducted and everyone else gets paid. Take a look for yourself.

But if you’re looking for work, don’t let that stop you from calling and applying for the jobs. It’s just one farmer, and apparently, Worksource isn’t trying as hard as it can to sell these jobs. So even if they tell you they have enough people, you might want to go on over. Here’s the link again:


2 thoughts on “Apple Picking Inmates

  1. Yes! Thank you! That’s what happens when I blog at 3 am. 🙂

  2. You mean the offender will “not” be making that amount?

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