Local Bank Websites: Who To Visit?

So, in my last post, I let you know that, once again, I was denied an account at BECU. I’ve given up on getting an account there, and am moving on to try local banks. The first step, of course, is looking at their websites to decide which banks will be the best to visit, considering my financial situation. I’ll share the information with you after the page break.

First up, Umpqua Bank. They have a branch close to where I live, which is great! Next, taking a look at their personal checking options. Three of them require $200 deposits to open. Not for me. Two more require $100. Then they have something called Emerge that has no monthly fee and only needs $25 to open. Let’s see:

Enjoy checking with no monthly service charge and no minimum balance when you use paperless statements. $25 gets you started.

Account details

  • Checking with no minimum balance
  • $25 minimum opening deposit
  • Starter checks
  • Paperless statements required


That could be a good thing! Their South Lake Union branch is located at 315 Westlake Ave N. I think I’ll stop by on Monday. But let’s see who else looks good.

Next up, Pacific Continental. Nope. Every single checking account has a monthly fee, unless you keep a monthly minimum balance. No go.

On to Commerce Bank of Washington. This one feels odd. They focus on relationships, but I can’t find a lot of detailed information about their products. They encourage you to come in and talk to someone. Nice personal touch, but to me it feels like I’m just coming in to get turned down. Meh.

Washington Trust Bank next. They have a free checking account, so that’s good. Their office is located at Two Union Square 601 Union Street Suite 4747. That’s close enough to our apartment for me to check it out.

Now Sterling Savings bank. Nope…all of their checking accounts require a $100 opening deposit. Well…maybe I’ll keep them as a back pocket option. I should have $100 when my next check drops in in May.

Actually, you know what? Looking at the Move Your Money results page, a LOT of these local banks are located at the building on 6th and Union. I think I’ll just go there when my check comes in and move my money over.

I’ll let you know what happens!