Trouble in Nerdville! Thanks to Apple’s most recent software update, some AT&T iPhone 4S owners are now noticing new “4G” icons where the “3G” icons on their handsets once lived. So does that mean the iPhone 4S has a 4G connection now?


And “no” in two ways. Either it doesn’t have a 4G connection at all or it doesn’t have a 4G connection now,since it’s always had one.

There’s some marketing at play here but whatever the case, your phone’s connection speed is no faster today than it was last week.

AT&T has touted the iPhone 4S as a 4G-capable phone since it first went on sale (notice the “4G” icon in the image on the right), but only with Apple’s most recent software update has AT&T been able to display a 4G icon next to the phone’s connection status.

The Verge’s Nilay Patel refers to this

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