Compare: Tmobile and Virgin Mobile Prepaid Plans

I should say beforehand that I do realize I’m biased toward Virgin Mobile, in large part because they are my prepaid provider. I jumped to them from T-Mobile. Knowing that, read on. 🙂

Folks who drop by have been looking for news about T-Mobile again, and since the merger is no longer an issue (for now), there has to be something else going on. I can’t tell just what it is yet, but I did stumble on something interesting.

On T-Mobile’s blog, they have an entry talking about their prepaid plans. In the entry, they say:

“Customers don’t have to make compromises with T-Mobile’s Monthly4G. Unlike what our competitors offer, our Monthly4G customers get the best devices, fast nationwide 4G network speeds and affordable service plan prices. “ They say that their prepaid service is a “better way to do prepaid”. Here’s the standard for figuring out their download speed comparison:

Speed claim based on download speeds on Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G on T-Mobile’s 4G HSPA+ 42 Mbps network vs. competitors’ prepaid phones and networks.”

Now, I can’t say anything about their download speed, and I don’t know enough about devices to compare the Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G to anything Virgin Mobile sells. But I can look at prices across companies. Here’s what I see.

T-Mobile has a $30/month plan with unlimited text and web/data.  You also get 100 minutes a month.Their speed cap is the first 5 gigs at 4G speed.

My $35/month Virgin Mobile Plan comes with unlimited text and web/data. I get 300 minutes a month. The speed cap for every VM plan is 2.5 gigs/month.

Next comes T-Mobiles $50/month plan. This gives unlimited everything, but for some reason, only the first 100MB of data is at full speed.

Virgin Mobile’s next plan is $45/month. Here you still get unlimited text, data, and web with the 2.5 gig speed limit. You also get 1200 minutes a month.

T-Mobile has two more plans available. First off is the $60/month plan. It’s unlimited everything, with a 2 gig full speed cap. Then for some reason, there’s a $70/month plan. That also has unlimited everything, and the speed cap is 5 gigs.

Virgin Mobile only has one more plan, and it costs $55/month. That is the unlimited everything plan, still carrying a 2.5 gig speed cap.

T-Mobile tells you what every plan is best for, whether it’s web surfing, video streaming, GPS navigating, or whatever else. But doesn’t an action’s capability depend in larger part on the device you’re using? A customer might be on the fastest network in the world, but if they’re running a slow phone, it doesn’t matter.

If you’d like to look for yourself, here are the links:

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