Murdering Children Because You Serve Homophobia

WTH. Seriously? A four year old boy is dead now. This article came across the wire and the story is blazing around the internet:

Little boy who was shot because an adult thought he was gay.

So this guy Peter Moses shot this young boy, whose name is Jadon. Jadon lived in the same house with him, his mother, numerous women and their children. These women were all “wives” to Mr. Moses, and he had fathered all the children. Except for Jadon.They were members of a religious sect (his wives called him “Lord”).

He thought Jadon was gay, and…well hell, the NY Daily News tells it a bit more succinctly:

“When Jadon struck another boy in the buttocks, Moses concluded it was a sign of the child’s homosexuality, and decided to “get rid of him,” prosecutors said.”

He took him in the garage and shot him in the head. Let that sink in. There is a four year old boy who will never grow up. Why? Because some adult was so threatened by the theoretical possibility of a future gay person in his house that he lost his shit and MURDERED him.

Oh, by the way, he had his other wives help him kill the boy’s mom as well. And in a serious twist of sexism? He will get life instead of the death penalty for murdering this baby because he’s turning on them in a deal. How nice for him. Asshat.

Of course this made me think real quick about another four year old boy. You know, the one who is also a member of a religious sect. The one whose parents and pastor have taught him to hate gays and sing about how they’re not going to Heaven. Because you see, the two things are related. When people think God says you’re worthless, it’s easy for them to act like you’re worthless. Which leads to things like a 4 year old baby getting murdered.

But just in case you are under the wildly mistaken notion that this is an isolated incident, it’s not. Come, take a little walk with me across the internet.

First up:

1) A Storify trend where folks decided to tweet something to their unborn children. Awww…how sweet. Well, except for the ones who told the whole world they would murder any kid of theirs who turned out to be gay.

2) Kids who are gay or part of the emo subculture are being killed in Iraq. (“Officials and human rights groups estimated as many as 58 Iraqis who are either gay or believed to be gay have been killed in the last six weeks alone…” The article was written in March of 2012)

3) The pastor at Bearan Baptist Church encouraging his flock to beat their children if they act gay.

4) A 17 month old baby beaten to death by his mother’s boyfriend because he wanted him to “act like a boy instead of like a girl“. There’s no such thing, but how would it even be possible for a 17 month old to do gender “wrong”?

5) Ronnie Paris died in 2005. He was three years old. Basically, his father slapped him to death because he didn’t want him to grow up to be a “sissy” and was worried he’d be gay.

I’m sure there are many more out there. These are the ones I knew about or could find rather quickly with some research. And what does it mean when someone says they thought a kid “was gay”? Ninety nine percent of the time, it has nothing to do with any overt self identification. It’s about how their gender behavior is perceived. It is a hatred of anything remotely “feminine” being expressed by someone with a male body.  U.S. culture hates it so profoundly that men are encouraged to police it to the point of beating and killing children.

Julia Serrano, a well known trans feminist and activist, has words for these concepts:

Effemimania: An obsession with male or trans expressions of femininity.

Gender anxiety The act of becoming irrationally upset or uncomfortable by the existence of those people who challenge or bring into question one’s gender entitlement.

Gender entitlement: The privileging of one’s own perceptions, interpretations, and evaluations of other people’s genders over the way those people understand themselves.