Adventures in JPay Hell

Freeing Ky

Jpay is a private company that provides various services to prison inmates and their families. They sell music players (music), email services, and video visitations.  Jpay has a computer  set up in every dorm. We have recently been dealing with Jpay Hell.

Jpay Issue #1 – 3 months ago Jpay decided to “upgrade” all of the computers in Ky’s facility. They replaced the computer in his dorm with a wall mounted kiosk. This “upgrade” also includes a grainy camera and antiquated phone receiver to replace the headset he was able to use before. Our video visits are worthless… If by some miracle we manage to stay connected, I can’t hear a word he says. When I hear his voice, the image disappears and the entire system freezes.  On our last 3 visits, more than 1/2 of our time was spent resetting the page or rebooting the system.  Ky was so…

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