To Young Black Trans Folk

Carla Robinson

youngblacktransI see you. You are in the blogosphere. You are on the streets standing up for your rights. I see you in the day and in the night. I see you together and alone.

I see you and I admire you. I admire your relentless drive to be heard, to be yourselves, to see justice done, to remember the fallen and to stop the carnage.

I see you and I feel for you. I see your hurt with a system that talks about queer pride but then turns around and slaps you in the face. I see your pain as you grapple with fear around safety, lack of opportunities, family drama, homelessness and poverty.

I see you and I walk in places where I have influence to help bring about justice and to help tear down a system that works against you while building one that works for all of us.

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