Texas Lesbian Shooter Sketch Revised


Hey all:

Just a quick hit up. According to news outlets, Kristene Chapa has been discharged from the hospital. She is the sole survivor of the hate motivated (cause c’mon we know that’s what’s up) attack on her and her girlfriend in Portland Texas.

There’s been a donation page set up to help the family. This young lady has a lot of rehab therapy she has to go through as a result of this crime: https://www.wepay.com/donations/127673

She’s also helped police put together a new sketch of the suspect they need to nab for this. Here it is:

black and white sketch of suspect in hate motivated Texas shooting

Once again, if you’ve seen this person, please call the Portland Texas police department and let them know ASAP.

Ph: (361) 777-4444
Fx: (361) 777-4445

dgonzalez@portlandpd.com (Email for Lt. Deanira Gonzalez, head of CID/Criminal Investigations)

chief@portlandpd.com (That will put you through to Randy Wright, their current chief of police.)






Review: Hibe.com Social Networking

Hey everyone:

I met one of the developers of Hibe.com at the Privacy, Identity, and Innovation Conference (Pii2012) last week. The idea of a social networking site that didn’t sell my personal information got my attention. But the biggest draw was this:

Hibe allows each user to control who sees what items they share. So you can keep your “fun pics” in a separate space that a potential employer (or your parents) will never see. It’s also possible to build a sample portfolio, or set up a resume. I could go on about it, but they have a video:

I’m way on board with Hibe. If all goes well, I should be able to migrate over from Facebook in a few weeks. I’m hoping most of my contacts follow me. Otherwise, it will be me and my virtual crickets for awhile. 🙂 Getting it set up does take a bit more thought than other sites. Who qualifies as friends? Who do I think of as family? Even though you can put people in multiple categories, I’ve done more thinking about it in the past week than I have in a long time.

I only had one problem setting the account up was trying to pictures in my profile from the outset. It’s easier to set up your profile, then go back and add pics in. But I sent an email, and the folks at Hibe are getting on it ASAP. So it shouldn’t be an issue much longer.

I think it’s worth joining up.


4G Speed: What’s Your Data Cap?

I don’t know much about 4G as a concept or cell speed, so I’ve been looking into it, because that’s what I do here at Your Info Linc. I found an interesting paper, plus a handy resource for folks. The paper/web page is called “4G plus Data Caps=Magic Beans”. One of the main points of the article is this:

“The 4G offered by major wireless carriers (with the notable exception of Sprint) is a waste of money because it comes with strict data caps. These data caps actively discourage the types of activities that 4G enables. Activities that are made possible by 4G, such as watching movies or uploading video to the internet, are made impossible by the data caps. As a result most users will avoid taking advantage of these new services out of fear of incurring large overage fees. That makes capped 4G little more than a bait and switch, like being sold a handful of magic beans. ”

Huh. Fascinating. The rest of the article, which includes the PDF version in the middle of the page, can be read here: http://www.publicknowledge.org/4g-data-caps-magic-beans

They also include a handy site called “What Is My Cap?” This lets people figure out how much in overage charges they would incur using their data plans exactly they way they want to, based on their carrier. Visit it here: http://whatismycap.org/


Hasan Elahi FBI Here I Am!

“Intelligence agencies…all operate in an industry where their commodity is information. Or restricted access to information. The reason their information has any value is because no one else has access to it. By me giving out the information, it has no value….If 300 million people started doing this, we would have to redesign the entire intelligence system from the ground up.”

Hasan Elahi is a professor at the University of Maryland where he is a director of Digital Cultures and Creativity. This is amazing…a few years ago he was picked up by the FBI at the airport (of course). After determining he wasn’t a terrorist, he was still concerned about being caught up again by other FBI agents who didn’t know he was “cleared” to be able to actually move around the country. You know, since he’s an American citizen and stuff.

So he decided to one up them, and recorded his entire life in pictures, geo locations, and other bits of data. His Ted Talk is awesome. Here you go!


Make A Loan At Kiva!

UPDATE:  I tested out the link Kiva provided me with. It’s not a certain number of free loans per lender. Kiva set a goal of a certain number of free loans total, and those have already run out. But you can still follow the link at the bottom. I still encourage everyone to get involved with Kiva. I’ve never been so satisfied spending $25.


For those who don’t know, Kiva.org is a nonprofit that loans money to people all over the world for microenterprise business support. These loans have a phenomenal effect on global poverty, especially when given to women. Several people chip in $25 each, and someone you would never even know about any other way gets a chance to make their lives more economically sound. This has an impact on the community around them. Here’s one story:

In a small city, men were being paid horribly low wages as day laborers. Some of the local women got a micro loan and went into business to help make ends meet. As they grew, some of their husbands quit day labor to come work in the business with their wives. This had the effect of creating a shortage in the labor pool, which lead to higher wages for the men who stayed there to work. Folks in other cities who supplied them with materials also enjoyed an increased standard of living, and they spent money in their community.

Micro loans have effects far beyond just helping one person or a family get on their feet.

So far I’ve loaned money to the following people:

Mrs. Kouy in Cambodia got a $500 loan to expand her grocery store and repair her front door. I was part of that. She has repaid it in full, which I figure means she is attaining her goals of continued success.

Dona Del Carmen lives in Leon, Nicaragua. She has run a beauty salon out of her home for nine years, and asked for a $325 loan to buy more basic supplies to help her expand. She is almost fully done repaying her loan, so I am again assuming her salon is continuing to grow strong.

Tonight for the first time, I made a loan to a guy. Mr. Sob lives in Reussey Keo, Cambodia. He is asking for a loan of $1,100 to help start his electrician business. His plan seems solid, and I feel like he’s a good risk. As of tonight he is 100% fully funded, so now his journey begins.

Now it’s YOUR turn. Just follow this link: http://kiva.org/invitedby/lincoln7482 Kiva is giving people the chance to make their first $25 loan absolutely FREE! I have a total of 8,000 invites to give out. Hurry up and get on board now!


Money Moment: Using Coupons

We’ve heard a lot over the past couple months. Congress people have been talking about debt management as though they know something about it. Which got me to thinking about the most visible form of money saving in our culture at this moment: using coupons. Specifically, that form known as “extreme couponing”. In a time where Americans everywhere are being bent over financially, getting hundreds of dollars of groceries for nearly nothing feels really good, even if we’re only watching it happen on TV. Reactions to this vary. I myself see it as another “yes, and” moment. A “yes, and” moment is one where there a lot of benefits AND some things that should give a person pause to think.

I have always been big on saving money whenever possible. For example, as long as my hygiene products do their job properly, it doesn’t matter if I buy them at the dollar store instead of a mainstream location. If I spend $8 instead of $20, then the $12 I save can be shifted to something else. It could be bills, or just buying a treat for some friends and myself.

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Breaking: Facebook Donations for Japan Rescue Dogs!

Fellow Readers:

Right now, I don’t feel like there’s much I can say. Across the water, our neighbors in Japan are really hurting. The quake has had devastating effects, much more than any news reports can convey. But I did find something to pass on to you. A chance to put your “likes” to work!

According to an article in Mashable, The National Disaster Search Dog Foundation has teams on their way over to Japan, to help dig quake victims out of the rubble. As we saw here during 9/11, search dogs can make all the difference in finding and getting a person out before they die. Here’s the Mashable story:

Now, a lot of us don’t have money to give, but there’s been a challenge set up on Facebook. Explore.org has set up the “Dog Bless You” Facebook Page. For every person who presses their “like” button, a dollar will be donated.

So get on FB right now, tell your friends, and help dig someone out before they die. Here’s the link: