New App Helps Fight Pain

Wow…sometimes technology is truly helpful beyond what I expected. The SickKids hospital in Toronto needed to understand how pain afflicts children with cancer so they can develop better treatments for it. But it’s hard for kids to record their pain on a daily basis for so many reasons.

IPhone apps to the rescue.

They developed a game where the kids become members of the “Pain Squad”. Treating the pain like a police case that needs to be solved, the kids file “police reports” each day to help track the data and solve the case. Even cast members from Canada’s most popular cop shows lent their support.

I’ve popped the video in here…you should really take the three minutes out of your day to watch it. Pretty amazing stuff…

Michigan Capitol Vagina Monologues

Alright folks!!

Courtesy of the Rochestor Citizen, we’re proud to bring you the prologue to the performance of the Vagina Monologues that took place on the Capitol Steps in protest of the House in Michigan declaring that the word “Vagina” is OFFENSIVE.

It’s a VAGINA. You shouldn’t be messing around with it if you can’t TALK about it!



Satori Trans Surgery Worldwide

I had no idea Satori World Medical existed, and just happened to stumble onto their site today. I almost thought it was a scam, but then I looked at their partner organizations. Laura’s Playground, Spectrum Health, and the Southern Comfort Conference are just a few of the groups that apparently can vouch for them. That relaxed me a bit.

It seems they are connected to a global network of providers, and the part that really caught my attention was that they say they can save you 30-50% of the total price compared to U.S. prices. And it looks like they make all of the arrangements, including flight, hotel, and at home post surgery followup. Huh.

Here’s the link if you want to know more: