To Young Black Trans Folk


Adventures in JPay Hell

Freeing Ky

Jpay is a private company that provides various services to prison inmates and their families. They sell music players (music), email services, and video visitations.  Jpay has a computer  set up in every dorm. We have recently been dealing with Jpay Hell.

Jpay Issue #1 – 3 months ago Jpay decided to “upgrade” all of the computers in Ky’s facility. They replaced the computer in his dorm with a wall mounted kiosk. This “upgrade” also includes a grainy camera and antiquated phone receiver to replace the headset he was able to use before. Our video visits are worthless… If by some miracle we manage to stay connected, I can’t hear a word he says. When I hear his voice, the image disappears and the entire system freezes.  On our last 3 visits, more than 1/2 of our time was spent resetting the page or rebooting the system.  Ky was so…

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Princesses, Prostitutes, Penises and Patriarchy

The Thought Erotic

Princesses, Prostitutes, Penises and Patriarchy—What Pretty Woman and The Little Mermaid Taught Me About Sex, Bodies and Womanhood

by Courtney Morgan

Edward: Tell me, what kind of money do you girls make these days, ballpark?
Vivian: Can’t take less than a hundred dollars.
Edward: Hundred dollars a night?
Vivian: One hour.

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Gay Muslim Survival Guide

Ify Okoye

A number of people have asked me to explain or clarify issues raised in my coming out post, Yes, I Am. So here’s an attempt to respond to that feedback as well as offer some constructive points of advice for my fellow LGBT Muslims.

I am Muslim, by choice. Faith is central to my identity and without it I’d be lost as I still clearly remember my life before Islam.

So how do we reconcile faith with sexual orientation or sexuality? This is perhaps the most commonly asked question for gay Muslims but for me the question misses the larger point that orientation is not the same as sexuality. Beyond semantics, some of the language used to describe orientation is unhelpful. Orientation is not limited to who you sleep with and who you sleep with does not necessarily define your orientation. While our community has many hang-ups when it comes…

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Dr. James Miranda Barry

The Drummer's Revenge

By the time Dr. James Miranda Barry reached Canada in 1858, he was already a legend in medical and military circles.

Barry had a reputation for being a genius as a surgeon. He had performed the first successful Caesarean section by a British doctor — only the sixth known successful Caesarean by a European. He also understood the importance of sanitation long before European medicine realized how infection worked. In an age when bloodletting by leeches and freezing the patient were common cures, Barry was an apostle of scientific medicine. In an era that thought that bathing, fresh air, and fresh food were harmful to the sick, he prescribed these things. The mortality rate dropped instantly in any hospital he was in charge of.

He was also considered a man of high and progressive ideals – he fought tirelessly for the right to medical treatment for women, for blacks, and…

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