Cartoon: Black History and Guns

Mass shootings again this week, and black communities are dealing with the impacts of more folks murdered by police. The air is heavy with every kind of feeling. Still, some jackasses say this isn’t the time to talk about guns.

But guns have never been separate from race in America. It goes much further back than Reagan signing the Mulford Act to stop the Black Panthers from carrying guns in the 60s. To see even a sliver of it, you have to go all the way back to the founding of the country. I brought in this little cartoon to drop that knowledge.

Internet Racism

Hey everyone:

You know, a lot of folks still believe that the Internet is some sort of utopia. There’s this idea that everything is equal. That no one knows who you are, so no one is hateful, or racist, or anything mean. Well, anyone who’s ever wandered through a comments section, especially on Yahoo, knows this just isn’t so.

On the site Womanist Musings, I saw a video today that puts it into context. Here it is:

50 Shades of Grayskull

Here it is, for folks who had this thought: I cannot go another day without a 50 Shades of Gray parody that involves He-Man.

You have your wish, and it’s AWESOME!

h/t   to Renee at Womanist Musings..otherwise I still would be too braindead to post.

Music Video: Westlife

Hey Folks:

So much news is running through my brain I can’t parse it out quick enough to figure out what to write about. I’m involved in some fundraising and grant writing, and am trying to finish up a couple of library books I can’t renew again.

Since my brain and fingers can’t work together, you get a music video for your enjoyment. A video from a grown man who is a fan of the boy band WestLife. Yep. Here you are:

What the heck, let’s make it a double feature! Give it up for LeAnn Rimes!

The Real Cat Burglar

Wow..What the Heck?

Apparently in February 2011, a local ABC news affiliate covered a story about a cat. This cat, Dusty, goes out at night and steals stuff from his neighbors houses. It doesn’t seem to matter what, as long as he can drag it home. The strangest part to me is..well actually, the whole thing is a bit odd. The neighbors seem really laid back about it. “Oh, we know where to find our stuff..” and Dusty’s humans keep a whole area filled with the things he takes spread out, waiting for them to be reclaimed.

They have a lot of stuff no one has come to get yet. I guess they don’t want to claim the underwear. 🙂

But ABC wasn’t the only group to do a show. Animal Planet dropped by, set up some night vision cameras, and actually caught Dusty on video dragging things down the street. So, for your entertainment and what in the world purposes, I present ABC and Animal Planet telling the tale of Dusty, the real life cat burglar.

New App Helps Fight Pain

Wow…sometimes technology is truly helpful beyond what I expected. The SickKids hospital in Toronto needed to understand how pain afflicts children with cancer so they can develop better treatments for it. But it’s hard for kids to record their pain on a daily basis for so many reasons.

IPhone apps to the rescue.

They developed a game where the kids become members of the “Pain Squad”. Treating the pain like a police case that needs to be solved, the kids file “police reports” each day to help track the data and solve the case. Even cast members from Canada’s most popular cop shows lent their support.

I’ve popped the video in here…you should really take the three minutes out of your day to watch it. Pretty amazing stuff…