Racism, the Anti-Choice Movement, and Shaming in Politics

By now this isn’t exactly breaking news, but the anti-choice group Life Always has been making waves with billboards across the country. Those billboards look like this:

Most Dangerous Place Billboard

Several great posts from people I really respect have already been written about how these billboards are yet one more attack on black mothers. Black women who blog are saying the obvious: shaming black women is not going to stop abortion, and money spent placing these racist, anti-woman ads in communities of color could be better used. You know, doing silly things like getting better basic healthcare for poor women, helping black women find good living wage jobs, setting up childcare collectives, etc.

All the kind of things that would help lower the rate of abortions by raising the standard of living. Here are blog posts by some of the affected women who say it much better than I could:




And closing the testimony of black women, here is Rep. Gwen Moore from Wisconsin telling anti-choice people about her own personal experience. She talks about her life, and says that they need to leave funding alone to help women, especially women of color, survive.

As a white transgender guy, what’s my dog in this fight? Why should I care about a bunch of people misusing statistics to harm black folks? After all, I don’t live there. They’re not shaming me personally. Most of my black friends are women, and Mrs Linc is also a black woman. Is that enough? Emphatically yes, but there’s much more to it.

These ads are just more of the same scare and shame tactics the far right are engaging in across issues. From LGBT rights to labor, a woman’s right to choose to cutting so called “entitlement” programs like Medicare/Caid and Food Stamps to “save” money, there is a war being waged in America today. If you are not white, rich, straight, able-bodied and born male, your right to exist is doubted. The idea that you deserve to live a full, vibrant life is laughable. Twisting statistics is a common tactic in this war. The sad part is that as long as the sound bite goes down smooth enough, most people won’t even question it.

Here are stats on abortion from the Guttmacher Institute. http://www.guttmacher.org/pubs/fb_induced_abortion.html They are a nonpartisan international reporductive health research and policy organization. Their FAQ page talks about how they maintain objectivity, how they get data, and where their money comes from. http://bit.ly/eeSILv Some people say they are a tool of Planned Prenthood. This may be because the man they were named after was president of the org during the 60’s.

Another false stat is that abortion is dangerous to women because it causes breast cancer. But the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists has found that there is no link. http://bit.ly/eQEXI3 

All of this, including this latest debate over shutting down the government because the right was determined to defund Planned Parenthood, is a war on women. It’s that simple. The statistic twisting, shaming of poor mothers and women of color, and wanting to balance the budget on the backs (and uteruses or uteri) of poor people reveals that. Come on, the real truth of the matter comes out when a legislator gets rebuked for saying the word UTERUS. http://bit.ly/f1K0Dp

Because now talking about the body parts of teh womenz is yucky and gross. Second grade playground/boys only clubhouse crap anyone?

And though the Democrats may have stood up for Planned Parenthood nationally, DC funding got stripped. And the right is not done going after PP. This amendment was just entered http://bit.ly/guDALD