Testing SlideJoy’s App

Hey Folks: It’s time to search for ways to bring in more money. Because of all my health issues, I’d like to do it while conserving the most energy I can. To that end, I’m testing out a new app called SlideJoy. With this app, ads are on your phone when you go to open it.

The best part is that you get paid whether you look at the ads (swipe left) or not (swipe right and open your phone).

Here’s what my earnings look like so far:

Slidejoy 2015-03-02 15-23-30

I’m not exactly sure why the earnings get divided up like they do. So I went on the hunt. Here’s what I found:

1) According to this article, you earn more money if you sign up through Facebook. Wish I knew how much more, and whether it was worth it to give them access to all my friends information. If it’s just a matter of a few cents, then no.

2) Depending on the article you read, the CEO says that people get paid either around $3/month or between $5-15.

3) There’s a 3 month wait period to get your money the first time. After that you get paid monthly.

4) SlideJoy doesn’t work outside the United States.


I’ll keep reporting back so you can trace my earnings along with me. In the meantime, if you want to give it a go yourself, SlideJoy can be downloaded here.

Getting Arrested? Tell The World!

If you’ve been following the Occupy movement, you’ve seen people get arrested. Interactions with law enforcement can be confusing, and remembering everyone who needs to know is tough. Now, there’s an app for that.

I’m Getting Arrested lets you enter a pre-written text message, designed to be sent to anyone in your world who needs to know. Once the information is entered, a giant bullseye comes up on your screen, ready to be pressed.

To find out more, read this article: http://tinyurl.com/42vyolc

Ready to download it? Here’s the Android Market page: https://market.android.com/details?id=us.quadrant2.arrested

h/t to Rachel Maddow for the info!


App Review: Cozi Family Calendar

Download and discard, download and discard, download and discard. My search for an Android calendar app that could handle all the facets of my life, and remind me of everything that needed doing was leading nowhere. I also decided it should help my girlfriend keep track of me without being intrusive.

Enter the Cozi family planner.

Cozi has a calendar, to do list, and shopping list to start with. But these aren’t basic functions at all. They can be person specific AND shared. For example, I have a really LONG to-do list. Mrs. Linc doesn’t have one yet. If we needed to, we could also create a shared one. The same thing goes with the calendar. With a quick click, the Lincs can know where each other is at any time during the day. Since I go a lot of places in seemingly random bursts, Mrs Linc really appreciates the ability to share this calendar.

We can view our Cozi planner online at their website http://www.cozi.com/ but it also works on our phones. Ok, let me take that back. It works on MY phone. Mrs Linc has a Garmin, and for some reason the app just doesn’t function well for her. In my mind, that gives us an excuse to upgrade her. But we’ll be jumping overboard from T-Mobile soon, so that will work itself out.

Honestly, my favorite feature is the family journal. Mrs Linc has chronic pain issues, and can’t really go places with me. So when I’m out, I take pictures of things where I’m at and post them up. That way she can see what I do. Somehow it makes me feel closer to her.

I’m running out of steam, but I really recommend the Cozi Family Planner. It’s colorful, easy to use, and allows multiple people access.

Awesome App: Toggl

Ok, I have to admit something. Remember me telling you all how awesome Out of Milk Remember The Milk was? Well, it is pretty cool. But I used it for all of a week before I quit it. Which lead me to a resolution: I have to play with an app for at least two weeks and decide I’m going to keep it before I can bring it up here at the blog.

Enter Toggl.

I found Toggl at a freelance website that recommended online tools for tracking billable project time. I signed up for some free ones, and promptly ran through the first three, declaring them unsuitable. I was feeling a little “over it” by the time I hit Toggl’s start page. Then I saw just how easy they’ve made it. You type in what you’re doing and hit the red button to start the timer. You don’t even need to stay logged in to the website. Or if you put the app on your phone, feel free to surf, make calls, and do whatever you need. Toggl just keeps on going.

I know this because I’ve had to log in and delete a couple of things. I know I can waste time, but there’s no way even I spend 188 hours grocery shopping. 🙂

Now, you may say, “I’m not doing work I need to bill people for? Why should I use Toggl?”.
Because it’s task tracker. When I started using it, I was AMAZED at how much time I lose each day. Look:

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OMG, Angry Birds…

They haunt my dreams…I hear them, even when they’re not here. I spend hours sometimes trying to get them to fly right. It feels so urgent that I’m draining my cellphone battery, forgetting to post, and wondering what other people do with their time! Am I volunteering at a bird rescue, helping heal wounded animals? Oh, I wish my time were being swallowed alive by something that valuable.

Instead….I sit at my phone, throwing angry computer birds at ugly little pigs who stole their eggs!

Angry Birds, for the few people on the planet who might not be playing it, is a computer game developed by the Finnish based gaming company Rovio. I bless and curse them in the same breath. I used to be hooked on Bejewled 2, now I can’t remember why I played the game. The Almost Wife plays it too. She downloaded it at my urging, and now we make an odd sight in our living room. Picture a couple sitting side by side, or even across the room, each with phone in hand. The only sounds in the room are crashing and chirping! I know I’m lucky though…most girlfriends would be annoyed instead of joining in! 🙂

This is probably the best game I’ve ever played, but I hesitate to recommend it. It’s like fireworks, Halloween smoke, and a really good makeout session all rolled into one! It’ll be tons of fun and ingest your day in one gulp at the same time.

For those among you who wish to take the leap, here’s their website. It’ll tell you where to find it. But don’t say I didn’t warn you…..


New App: Out of Milk

Have you ever stood there at the grocery store with something in your hand, wondering if you already had it at home? Then, since you couldn’t remember, you threw it in the cart. When you got home, lo, there are three more of them? No? It’s just me then. Sure it is. 😉

Regardless of how many of us this really happens to, I got an app on my phone that has solved that problem: Out of Milk. This app has three functions, a shopping list, a to-do creator, and a pantry log. That’s right, you can log all the food, cleaning supplies, etc you have in the house. This function has already saved me money twice!

I can hear some of you now. “Who wants to sit there typing in everything in my kitchen and under my sink by hand?” None of us, that’s why OOM has a barcode function that allows you to scan the box/bag/can the item comes in and log it that way. Now, the scanner does have some issues. It takes a few seconds, sometimes longer, for it to catch the barcode. It doesn’t have every item available in it’s system, but it has far more than I thought it would. The cool thing is that the app can learn. If it doesn’t have it, you type it in. From then on,  OOM captures that item.

One of the funniest things its done so far is catalog Agave Nectar as “plant spit”. Yummy.

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