Westboro Still Down..All of their Domains Are Gone.

Awww…so sad. *snicker*

Here’s a look at the complete domain takedown from J35t3r via pastebin. They sure bought up a lot of virtual real estate. Looks to me like an online neighborhood I would never want to live in.


And, as always, you can check via Down For Everyone or Just Me?

Westboro Down For 13 Days!

As of Sunday, March 6th, Westboro’s site was still down! Here’s an exact copy of the tweet keeping us up to date from th3j35t3r’s (Jester’s) Twitter account:

….and on the 8th day god created hackers, and it was good.’ #Westboro Baptist – TANGO DOWN DAY 13 – your god doesn’t like you much? #WBC

Agaim, all I can keep saying is thank you j35t3r from SeaLinc2. For reasons I’ve already posted about in this blog, their hateful actions have dogged my every step for years. I never thought I would find relief from them. Even though they won their Supreme Court case, they still don’t have an internet presence for their hateful rhetoric.

If anyone wants to read something entertaining/enlightening, someone bought the domain fredphelps.com. It’s called “God Hates Fred Phelps”, and it talks all about his history and the church. It’s run by a gay activist who gives any donations to organizations that fight against their “church”.


Last Night Was Awesome!

The benefit showing of the anti-bullying documentary over at the NW Film Forum went very well! There weren’t a lot of people there, but the ones who were seemed really energized and interested in what GLSEN had to say. The film iteself was really quite well-done, though I must admit there were an awfully lot of white people (yours truly included in that observation) in it as “the voices” of the problem of bullying. This is a long standing issue in the mainstream LGBT community, and something OUTview Online is still working on balancing out.

The film started at 7:15 instead of the 7pm start time advertised in order to give latecomers a chance to make it in without being disrespectful to folks who showed up on time. Dr. Jallen Rix was also there last night. He and I shared the screen for the last of the three part episode, where we discussed the role of gender policing in bullying and the function that religion plays in encouraging bullying in the larger culture. We had a lot of fun during the taping, hanging out at the event last night, and during the post show Q&A with the audience. They were really engaged, and asked excellent questions. One gay man asked for advice about better ways to stand up for trans people, based on a situation he’d been in recently where other gay men had been making fun of a trans person he’d been around at a party. Others shared stories of having been bullied, both in school and as adults, and an overall amazing conversation took place.

For anyone who couldn’t make the event last night and would like to see at least part of what we were talking about, here is the link to part three of the episode on bullying. The link is to the list of the best of episodes from 2010. The bullying bit is about halfway down the page.


Wish you’d been there!


I’m In A Documentary Showing This Week!

My friend MK Scott has his own show, OUTview Online. http://www.outviewonline.com/search/label/Our%20View   It’s a radio/video show geared to news that relevent to the LGBT community. Michael calls on me to take part in topical episodes, but I’m also one of his ringers who steps in when he’s short a guest.

One of the episodes I took part in recently was a three part series on bullying. It was created in the wake of the rash of suicides related to students being bullied or harrassed. I was intervied with Dr. Jallen Rix, and the two of us talked about the role that organized religion can play in encouraging or countering the attitudes that allow bullying to take place.

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