Massive Zimmerman Document Dump

Hey folks:

I was almost ready to fall asleep (I’m exhausted) when Justice for Trayvon Martin slid this across my Facebook feed. It’s an almost 300 page document dump from Florida authorities. I couldn’t go to bed without getting it out to you.

People’s analysis of it is still shaking out, but there’s interesting stuff in here about why Zimmerman’s ex wife left him…and his relationship with his mother. Among other things…

Happy hunting!

President Obama’s Speech @ Nerdprom

The annual White House Correspondents Dinner (AKA NerdProm) happens at the Hilton in DC. It’s a time when the President gets a chance to talk to the best of the Beltway and non Beltway media. In President Obama’s case, it’s also time to crack a few really great jokes.

Folks who watched the 2011 NerdProm may remember the way he cracked on Donald Trump for being so self serving and nosy about his birth certificate. Well, I think this year’s NerdProm speech is even better!

No need for me to keep talking…here it is!

Zimmerman Prosecution Affadivit

For anyone who wants to see it, here’s the papers the prosecution submitted today giving some proof for their claim to charge George Zimmerman with the 2nd degree murder of Trayvon Martin.