People Are P&*%ing Me Off.

He said oh so calmly…

It’s about the We Are the 99% Tumblr blog. Take a look if you haven’t already. These are the heartbreaking, and sometimes familiar, stories of people who are the spirit of the #occupywallstreet movement. Mainstream news sources have suddenly discovered the blog, so it’s getting a lot more air time. And it’s the reactions in the comments sections that make me wanna punch people in their faces. Until their faces fall off, really.

Are we that low on empathy and the ability to share in someone else’s predicaments in this country? What’s become the issue? If it’s not on reality TV, it’s not “really” happening? We can be a bunch of snide, self-absorbed, catty a$$hats about the lives of other Americans because they just need to suck it up and do better?

Well, if you got yours, hey, that’s awesome. But don’t let that:

A) Let you think you have a free card allowing you to assume every person who struggles is just a lazy whiner who needs to be reminded that you’re fabulous.

B) Make you get selective amnesia or romantic fogginess about your own hard years.

These commentators, it’s like they think people don’t deserve any human courtesy. Let me give you a quick sample:

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I Jumped to Virgin Mobile!

Remember this ad I told you about before?


Well, I went ahead and joined the party. I got the new LG Optimus on sale for $99 at Best Buy, and bought their $45/month plan. When it came to the options, that was the best deal for me. That gives me unlimited texting, web, and data, plus 1200 minutes a month. The $35/month plan featured in the commercial gives unlimited text, data, and web as well, but only comes with 300 minutes a month. The only bummer is that VM doesn’t do free nights or weekends.

So far the coverage has been great too. I’ve been able to send texts from the bottom of the used bookstore I hang out in a lot, as well as a couple of other places that my T-Mobile coverage couldn’t reach. The phone call quality is just the same as it would be under contract, and Angry Birds plays just fine, btw. 🙂

Mrs. Linc is thinking about coming to VM now once she dumps T-Mobile, because she can’t seem to find a plan she likes on any contracts. I showed her that for $55/month, she can have unlimited everything. Text, web, data, and minutes.

Then I stopped and wondered why I didn’t spend the extra $10.

Oh well, I can do that next month if I want to. We’ll see just how many minutes I use.

If you’re curious, here’s the details about their Beyond Talk plan.


Famine Giving: Save The Children

This is a horrible situation. And it’s one where people want to step up and give. But so many groups are running around, who do you open your wallet to? I’ve been looking into the situation, and have a couple of recommendations of my own, but we’ll start with Save The Children.

Admittedly, I hadn’t had them on my shortlist. But then I saw a BBC interview with Somali born super model Iman. She’s been speaking out about the famine and it’s destruction. She supports STC for one main reason. She says they are well trusted by the Somali people, because they have stayed there with them for the past 20 years, maintaining a presence through all of the conflicts, battles, and civil upheavals that have gone on.

Here’s the interview:

My apologies. I don’t know why I haven’t been able to embed actual video for the past few days. I’m working on figuring it out, and hope to have it back online soon.

Pray For Debt Resolution: We’ll Arrest You!

Seems like the only people who can safely pray in public spaces are those who wave giant horridly tragic signs of diced up fetuses (feti? feetii?) or hate the gayz. When some Christians gathered around to ask God to protect the poor among us in this self-induced debt “crisis”, they were arrested.

I won’t say much here, because others do it better. I’ll just point you to the links:

I will leave you with one quote that really struck me:

“There seem to be several ‘givens’ in this debate,” Ramirez said, according to an e-mail from his office. “For Republicans, no new taxes is a given. For some Democrats, no cuts in Medicare are a given. For others, no cuts in military spending is a given. For your administration, some additional revenues are a given. Sadly, if you listen to the debate it seems that protecting the poor and vulnerable is not a given. That is why we are here.”   Bishop Ricardo Ramirez of New Mexico



Resources: Learn More About Debt Ceiling

When all of this first kicked off, I’m a little embarrassed to say that I had almost the same opinion of some of the younger Republicans. I didn’t know enough about the debt ceiling and how things work to feel like it’d be any big deal if we defaulted. Then, just because I started to get tired of people whining, I started to think we should just do it and see what happened.

Now, I’ve read more, watched news reports, and am coming to understand just how bad this could turn out. And the fact that it’s totally self inflicted makes it even worse. Part of why I have this time is that I’m unable to work.  I thought I would pull together some learning resources for other folks who want to know more, but don’t have enough time to sift through millions of Google hits looking for good info.

The Muser’s Blog has a good page that discusses the National Debt and Social Security.

The Treasury Department’s home page has a page dedicated to the debt limit.

Propublica has put together an article that comes with a TON of links for further reading.

And the Congressional Research Service provides us with this 25 page report on what can happen:

Resistance Art: Anti AT&T Merger Ads

Ok, so after awhile news coverage of a merger can drag on. Which is why I let it fall off the blog. But then, thanks to the links I get from my Pulse News app, I found out that Save The Internet has a new outreach going on to help voice resistance to the merger.

I looked the site over, and they have some really excellent talking points, most of which are put together in easy to understand PDF’s. The site looks great. The commercials are awesome. Here’s one for your viewing pleasure:



If you want to check the site out, you can start at the page with all of the videos and vote for your favorite.

Defaulting: What WE Would Pay

As the Republicans inch closer and closer to destroying our economy just because our black president won’t do what they tell him to do, the real Americans wonder what will happen to us if things melt down. Thanks to Rep. Jim McDermott and the Democratic Policy and Communications Center I have a two page document for your consideration. It says that everything from mortgage costs to utility prices and grocery costs could be affected.

Of course, most of those in Congress can posture, strut, and whine with no worries. They can continue their un-American game playing. After all, they don’t have to worry about the consequences. More expensive mortgage payments? Most of these folks likely own more than one property outright. Higher food and gas costs? There are plenty of donors willing to pay for them to go places, and I’m sure if things really get bad doggie bags from the $2,000/plate fundraising dinners will become the in thing to do. And their retirement? Paid for by us. So they can annihilate Social Security and every other safety net we have without any fear for their own future.

But out here, where the choices they make impact real Americans every single day, we deserve to know what we’re facing. Here’s the paper: