Another Sleepless Night

Hey all:

So it’s 2:30 am, and I’m wide awake again. This happens a lot toward the end of my medication supply. The timing just never seems to work out.  No matter how well I count the pills. It takes it so long to come in from out of the country. So I’m taking one a day, sometimes going without any for a day or two when I’m supposed to take one in the morning and one at night. Doing that keeps me locked up here in the apartment for the most part, because the pain and exhaustion is too much to handle. Going out becomes like rolling a boulder up a mountain.

Btw, did I ever tell you all I have fibromyalgia? That’s why I’m waiting on these meds. And because I’m too messed up to sleep, but too brain dead to write an actual post, here’s a little video fun:

Rick Allen Fighting Back

This is an older three part video from a UK show much earlier in Rick’s recovery. Rick Allen was always a hero of mine when I was young, and I find myself revisiting things he said and older videos now as I’m trying to deal with my new disabilities.

I thought I would post this up in case anyone else wanted to watch it.

Blog Carnival: Accessibility Love!

So, Dave over at Rolling Around in my Head is in charge of February’s blog carnival. He’s decided to make it about all the things that us folks with disabilities use to make our lives easier, and how much we love them. 🙂

I have a few things I use, but honestly, the one accommodation I can say I love right now is my car.

Not too many folks would think of a car as an accommodation. But my energy is so limited that taking the bus everywhere was wiping me out and really limiting what I could do and where I could go. Now, even when I’m not feeling quite up to something, if I can make it out to the car about 100 feet away, I stand a good chance of getting there.

And “there” could be anything: a grocery run, Bible study, or even just up to the coffee shop to sit and watch people. It may not seem like much, but there are days when going 12 blocks to sit and drink coffee in the same room as a bunch of strangers is my only source of socializing. It “blows the stink off” as my mom used to say, and puts me in a better mood.

That’s it honestly. I don’t have anything sexier or more complicated to write about than my loping grey chariot and the massive amounts of extra freedom she brings to me and my family. I would say she saves us on cab fare because I take my girlfriend to and from work almost every day each week, but there is car insurance, gas, and the parking spot to pay for.

Really what my girlfriend means is that I save HER money on cab fare. 🙂 Ah well. It all evens out in the end.

JobSearch Thursday: Communities

Everyone belongs somewhere. You might be a stay at home mom, a returning veteran, or a transgender person. A disability or two could be hindering your ability to find full time employment, or short term temp work may be your best fit.

For this JobSearch Thursday, we’ll focus on sites geared to specific communities. As the list of sites grows, I’ll create a job search page that will be updated.

Good Luck!

Latina/o community:

African American: Black Enterprise CareerSearch

Transgender: Transgender Job Bank

Deaf Community:

Disabled community: JobAccess

Working Moms: Simply Hired Moms Search

Nonprofit Jobs:


That’s a few sites…I’ll bring up more later…just about out of battery power.