Money Moment: Using Coupons

We’ve heard a lot over the past couple months. Congress people have been talking about debt management as though they know something about it. Which got me to thinking about the most visible form of money saving in our culture at this moment: using coupons. Specifically, that form known as “extreme couponing”. In a time where Americans everywhere are being bent over financially, getting hundreds of dollars of groceries for nearly nothing feels really good, even if we’re only watching it happen on TV. Reactions to this vary. I myself see it as another “yes, and” moment. A “yes, and” moment is one where there a lot of benefits AND some things that should give a person pause to think.

I have always been big on saving money whenever possible. For example, as long as my hygiene products do their job properly, it doesn’t matter if I buy them at the dollar store instead of a mainstream location. If I spend $8 instead of $20, then the $12 I save can be shifted to something else. It could be bills, or just buying a treat for some friends and myself.

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Free Pancake Day At IHOP

This morning, I got my pre-recorded wakeup call from Marie Osmond.

How often can I start a post with THAT sentence? 🙂 Anyway, it was a reminder that today is Free Pancake Day at your local IHOP. All across the nation, IHOP is serving up a free stack for everyone who shows up.

Now, you know there’s got to be a reason, right? There is, and it’s a really good one. They’re asking you to donate whatever you can to benefit the Children’s Miracle Network. The Network donates  money to childrens hospitals all over the country. So far, that’s been over 4 Million dollars given out for patient care, research, and other necessary items. Learn more here:

So get up, grab some friends, and head out for your free pancakes. Especially you Seattle University students who live on campus. For pete’s sake, it’s right across the street!

Seattle Eatery Refuses to Serve TSA Agents

This news comes to me via The Consumerist website. ( ) 

“Their kind aren’t welcomed in our establishment…Until TSA agents start treating us with the respect and dignity that we deserve, then things will change for them in the private sector.”

This is the word from a local restaurant near the Sea-Tac airport. In response to the invasive groping and strip searching that have become “standard procedure” for TSA’s security screening process, this owner has decided to stop serving TSA agents. There’s no word on how they recognize one unless they’re in uniform, but so far the practice has widespread support. And it’s perfectly legal.

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