AT& T-Mobile News Round-up

Well hi there everyone. My inbox is LOADED with news about the merger none of us want to happen. Rather than write some long-winded post about it, I’ll just give you the direct news lincs and you can read it all first hand. Here you go!

The Justice Department is expanding and extending it’s review, and they want data from the competition!

The FCC wants OUR opinion on the merger. 

And they have an easy to use website just for this purpose:

No matter what, T-Mobile ads still make fun of the DeathStar:

The FCC has set a pleading schedule for starting their review:

Um, ok. This post tries to make it out that being bought by AT&T would have the positive effect of making T-Mobile by default more union friendly. Except that they wouldn’t be T-Mobile anymore for one, and even the author admits that the union got into AT&T because management was neutral. There’s a difference between neutral and friendly.

Apparently now Citigroup has gotten in on the deal. They’re now part of Deutsche Telekom’s financial advisory team. THAT increases my confidence!!

Now AT&T’s deal with Qualcomm is getting extra reg attention too!

AT&T is still saying that being a massive overlord in wireless service is GOOD for the customer! Really, it is!

No Peeking!: FCC rules no one can see the unreleased papers related to the merger. Trade secrets might be compromised. Maybe we’d learn just how much AT&T got paid for letting the government listen in on their customers?

San Antonio Texas tells us how this merger would effect them locally, including how higher phone bills would impact the Latino community.

AT&T’s Tech Chief says really, this is GREAT for competition! Really! (Why is it only AT&T people talking publically??)

OUCH! WT?? Hoffa Jr Backs Merger: Says something like it will be great to get hundreds of T-Mobile employees into the union. Um, yeah, the ones who didn’t lose their job from the merger in the first place. Why do both of the pro-union articles miss this fine point?

That’s all I’ve got for now, y’all. Enjoy the reading.