Defaulting: What WE Would Pay

As the Republicans inch closer and closer to destroying our economy just because our black president won’t do what they tell him to do, the real Americans wonder what will happen to us if things melt down. Thanks to Rep. Jim McDermott and the Democratic Policy and Communications Center I have a two page document for your consideration. It says that everything from mortgage costs to utility prices and grocery costs could be affected.

Of course, most of those in Congress can posture, strut, and whine with no worries. They can continue their un-American game playing. After all, they don’t have to worry about the consequences. More expensive mortgage payments? Most of these folks likely own more than one property outright. Higher food and gas costs? There are plenty of donors willing to pay for them to go places, and I’m sure if things really get bad doggie bags from the $2,000/plate fundraising dinners will become the in thing to do. And their retirement? Paid for by us. So they can annihilate Social Security and every other safety net we have without any fear for their own future.

But out here, where the choices they make impact real Americans every single day, we deserve to know what we’re facing. Here’s the paper: