Internet Racism

Hey everyone:

You know, a lot of folks still believe that the Internet is some sort of utopia. There’s this idea that everything is equal. That no one knows who you are, so no one is hateful, or racist, or anything mean. Well, anyone who’s ever wandered through a comments section, especially on Yahoo, knows this just isn’t so.

On the site Womanist Musings, I saw a video today that puts it into context. Here it is:

Getting Arrested? Tell The World!

If you’ve been following the Occupy movement, you’ve seen people get arrested. Interactions with law enforcement can be confusing, and remembering everyone who needs to know is tough. Now, there’s an app for that.

I’m Getting Arrested lets you enter a pre-written text message, designed to be sent to anyone in your world who needs to know. Once the information is entered, a giant bullseye comes up on your screen, ready to be pressed.

To find out more, read this article:

Ready to download it? Here’s the Android Market page:

h/t to Rachel Maddow for the info!


You Can Follow j35t3r

Don’t just take my word for it. Especially because sometimes I mess up my facts. Get to know the genius for yourself!

Follow j35t3r on Twitter:

Check out j35t3r’s blog:

And here’s part two of the Xerxes video:

J35T3R and Xerxes In Action

Here is a YouTube video of J35T3R’s Xerxes system in action. According to the interview I linked to in the last post, Xerxes is so finely tuned that only the site J35T3R wants to flatline is targeted. No intermediary sites are damaged.

Even with my limited computer knowledge, this is impressive and seems to have limitless potential.