Zimmerman Prosecution Affadivit

For anyone who wants to see it, here’s the papers the prosecution submitted today giving some proof for their claim to charge George Zimmerman with the 2nd degree murder of Trayvon Martin.


Rape Victim Suspended for Telling

The longer I’m alive in the United States, the less and less we seem to value women and girls. Men think they’re expendable, and now women get in on it by being complicit in lies, coverups, or even procuring victims.

I thought I had heard everything. But this story made me so sick I had to pass it along.

I first happened on it in a post by Boing Boing. A seventh grade special education student was expelled during the 08-09 school year. The reason? She reported being raped by a classmate. School officials didn’t believe her, and suspended her for filing a false report. When she was allowed to return to school the following year, she was provided with no protection from her alleged attacker. During that year, the harassment continued, leading up to another rape in the school library.

The girl was suspended again for, among other things, PUBLIC DISPLAY OF AFFECTION. The suspension came even after her mother took her for an exam, found evidence that a sexual assault had occured, and DNA matching the boy in question was recovered.

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